The United TKD Studio has an exciting alternative to traditional health clubs. Get ready for something you’ve never experience before-an authentic Kick Boxing Workout. This is the Real deal. This is not a cardio Kick boxing class taught by some aerobics teacher. Prepare yourself to be put through the paces of a professional Kick Boxers’ workout. Experience the thrill of kicking and punching the heavy bag, shadowboxing in the ring, mastering the speed bag, and hitting the focus pads with your Kick Boxing Coach.
Kick Boxers are the most fit of all athletes and there is no reason you can’t look and feel like one of these athletes yourself, regardless of your current fitness level! The United TKD Studio professional, Kick boxing coaches will show you how to burn more calories and build more muscle definition than any other workout in the shortest amount of time-all while having more fun than you ever could in the weight room or on some boring cardio machine.
This class will be a great means of exercise and fun. I did mention fun right. Kick Boxers signed up for classes will work on the speed bag, double-end bag, heavy bag, mitt work, jump rope and do every other thing a Kick boxer would go threw for training. There is a qualified staff of trainers on hand for the best experience possible. No experience is necessary.
Classes are Tuesdays & Thursdays from 7:30 PM-8:30 PM and Saturdays from 9:00 AM-10:00 AM. The fee for the Kick Boxing Program is $89 (first month with free Kick Boxing gloves) & $89 for each remaining months. There is a minimum 6-month program required.
Get ready to train and make your call and be one of those select few. There is limited space available. Please do not put off for tomorrow for what you should do today.

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