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We stay true to the traditions of Taekwon-do founded by General Choi Hong Hi.
We help build character, improve self esteem, refine discipline and maintain physical fitness.
United TaeKwon-Do Studio Pennsburg, Pa

Sabumnim Montero

I have been training in Taekwon-do for over twenty five years. My wife is a Black Belt; our oldest son is a second degree Junior Black Belt; and our youngest son is a first degree Junior Black Belt. As a husband, father, friend and business entrepreneur, I make sure take time for the one person that matters most and that is ME. Without this ability and an outlet such as exercise and constant challenges, I couldn't be the best version of myself for my family, friends and career.  I teach and train with this philosophy.
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Are your children home schooled and in need of a gym credit?  Here at United we teach your child to build a strong level of self confidence and improve discipline, while giving them a great work out as well. We teach them self defense techniques and provide them with the tools that could one day save their lives. 

Home School students love our Tuesday and Thursday morning classes the most; but we conveniently have afternoon and evening classes available as well.
United TaeKwon-Do Studio Pennsburg, Pa
Kickboxing Pennsburg PA

Skipped Leg Day?

At United TKD you don't have to worry about missing a certain workout at the gym because you will get a full body workout in every class. We provide a healthy alternative to your traditional athletic clubs.  Burn more calories, build more muscle definition!  

Still not convinced...you should come check out our Kickboxing program for yourself - seeing is believing!
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